Spotify Plaques

Spotify Plaques

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Custom Spotify Plaque
Now with our Custom Spotify Plaque you can make memorable moments with your favorite songs ! These plaques are custom-made music covers that look exactly like what you see on Spotify every time you play a song. These plaques can be a gift to your friends or special someone, or you can just hang it on your wall as decor.

You can display this item a few different ways.

  • Lean the poster up against a wall/object.
  • Enclose the poster in an 8x10 frame(A4).
  • Hang them up on a wall with 3M Clear command strips.
Fill out the "Song + Name" Section. You can also add your own photo to the order instead. Be sure to include your photo in our optional photo submission tab!
    The most affordable, Custom Album Cover to date.

    What's in the box?
    Custom Album Cover (SIZE 8x10)(A4)

    All orders take approximately 3 - 10 days or earlier to arrive due to the amount of time put into these handmade pieces.
    It is advisable for the image to be a 1:1 .